Data transfers safely
Hardware repair
Software installation

Data transfers

We safely secure your company or personal data from one device to another device(s) and back it up in exernal drives or in the cloud.

If you like we could save a copy and safeguard it for you just in case you ever lose your important files or data.

Old devices which don't work anymore?  Your important  data can possible be recovered by our company.

When we tranfer data to new devices and the customer don't need their old device anymore we can safely and secure remove all the data from the device and recycle the components.

Hardware repair

If your computer is not performing as you feel it should, we can help. Symptoms such as screen freezes, abnormal shut-down’s, blue-screen errors, and file corruption can be caused by failing hardware (computer components).

Our friendly and skilled technicians can diagnose the cause of your troubled system and repair the problem. This can include replacement parts and/or software repairs such as operating system repair or re-installation. If your system is getting on in years and you are concerned about the cost of repair, rest easy as we are too. We will be the first to advise you if we believe that your system is not worth the cost of repair.

Following the diagnosis, we will quote you on the cost of repair and then the decision is yours. A small diagnosis fee will apply should you decide not to go ahead with a repair. Our diagnosis fee rarely exceeds 50.


We clean laptops,desktops,keyboards from stains with care.
Also we carefully remove some components to clean and brush the inside of the computers from dust and dirt.

Having to much dirt and dust inside your computer may cause it to have operating problems or even overheating since it blocks heat from getting out.

Also we can clean  the computer software itself getting rid of slow computers and any thrash that's making your computer run slower.

software installation

We also transfer software to your new devices or reinstall it, when it's outdated software we look for modern solutions instead and inform our clients before proceeding.